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Inspired by the aromas of Byron Bay


From sea-breezes and lush rainforests to sun-drenched beaches, the aromas of Byron Bay, Australia, is our true inspiration. 

The unforgettable scent one experiences while standing on top of that conquered mountain, complete serenity after that morning yoga sesh or that cleansing solo surf first thing in the morning.

The memorable scents surrounding these life experiences provides a constant source of inspiration. We endeavour to create products that evoke a sense of well-being and fond memories; reminiscent of long summer days experiencing life your way.


From the establishment of us in 2014, we have remained and will continue to uphold a  100% Vegan-friendly business, refusing to use any substance or chemical derived from animals, as well as never having our products tested on them. 

A key objective of ours is to become an effective driver for change and promote vegan choices within the global cosmetic industry. To lead by example and refrain from using any ingredient that has been derived from animals or requires testing on animals. Our hope is that others follow our approach and help change the cosmetic industry as a whole so we can make a significant impact on the lives of animals worldwide. 

We do not include such animal derived or related ingredients including; honey, beeswax, animal fats or lanolin (extracted from sheep's wool found in certain creams).

Our aim is to create vegan and cruelty-free products to enable like-minded crew to live a more ethical lifestyle and help support awareness of a vegan approach within the personal care / cosmetics industry.


We have been truly blessed by Mother Nature for giving us the opportunity to live and experience life in this beautiful world. Hence; it is our mission to make as little impact as possible to the environment so that future generations can experience the same beautiful world that we have enjoyed.

From a raw material perspective, many of our natural and organic ingredients often originate in remote or small villages across the world. We ensure that we only deal with reputable and ethical suppliers that often buy directly from the growers and producers to directly benefit the local villages and economy. This being said, farmers and growers alike are able to invest in more sustainable farming practices including new plantations or solar power systems within the production process. 


 Botanical ingredients are at the core of our business. They are what holds us together and quite literally our products. Specifically though, they are components within a product that originate from a plant, either from herbs, roots, flowers, fruits (and their peels), leaves or seeds. These ingredients are 100% Natural and where possible Organic too. We refuse to use any synthetic substances or mineral oils, parabens, harmful fillers, genetically modified ingredients or fragrances.

We work with some of Australia's most reputable suppliers of 100% Pure and Natural essential oils and botanical ingredients. The suppliers we have aligned with have long-standing, direct relationships with international growers and suppliers of botanical ingredients where quality remains the number one priority.

Generally extracted through steam distillation or cold pressing, 'Essential oils' are used in all of our creations which pack nature's pure essence into a bottle. There are many known benefits of using essential oils including helping to promote a clear-looking complexion, soften the appearance of signs of ageing and nourish and soften the skin after braving the elements. 

Our 100% pure essential oils, carefully extracted from a variety of nature's botanical species provide soulful and calming aromas time after time. It is our aim to use the natural power of essential oils to create products for the soul searchers, ocean lovers and sun chasers long into the future.